CPR class in Commack Suffolk County New York is a 3-hour Campaign Pay it Forward course. This CPR class teaches the proper performance of CPR and the use of an AED.


Our CPR class in Commack Suffolk County New York is a 3-hour course provided by Campaign Pay it Forward. This lifesaving class teaches the proper performance of CPR and the use of an AED.

Campaign Pay it Forward offers this class in CPR for emergencies. This crucial skill should be part of everyone’s common knowledge base and should continue to get re-certified in CPR/ AED every two years. This course requires online training of one hour prior to attending the two-hour in-person program. The online CPR certification training portion is a prerequisite for in-person training and certification exams. The online course is part of the one hour blended learning training materials. This course is usually followed by a first aid certification class or as a re-certification after taking a First Aid or First Aid and CPR AED whole class.

There are numerous steps in assisting an injured party and even approaching a person or the scene of an emergency. This website/ webpage should not be used in place of taking our course or used in part or parcel towards aiding a victim. For example, If you cannot confirm that the scene and environment surrounding the injured party are safe, you should not approach and put yourself in harm’s way, and steps should be taken to secure the scene by professionals. At no time should a non-professional person put themselves in harm’s way. The CPR AED course will prepare you to respond with the appropriate emergency medical response.

CPR classes

We offer CPR classes in many locations.

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Why take a CPR class in Commack Suffolk County New York?

Throughout one’s life, you will encounter over 1000 significant accidents. Out of the 1000 major accidents you may encounter, a handful of them may occur where you might have the potential to be the first on the scene. General CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding classes can make the difference in saving another human and yourself. Another human in need of CPR must receive treatment within 3 minutes to prevent the potential for severe neuro damage. There may not be time to wait for healthcare providers to arrive, and someone must perform CPR. Millions of non-medical professionals and common people learn CPR and the use of an AED to help and assist until EMT/911 assistance arrives. You can make the difference between life and death. Training offered by Campaign Pay it Forward follows the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association, OSHA, and Emergency Cardiovascular Care standards. This program is not just an online certification to satisfy continuing education credits. Still, students can save lives and be confident to assist when trouble occurs.

Our staff of registered instructors will prepare a regular person for getting involved in an emergency or trauma situation. Professional Emergency Responders and associations like the American Heart Association provide information and training materials regarding the appropriate response during an emergency, and this information can save lives.

Why learn CPR?

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation should be part of everyone’s skills and courses and refresh regularly. Performing CPR/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation onsite where an incident occurs is imperative. Certifications in CPR AED are not just convenient skills to which one has certifications, but critical lifesaving skills. The online CPR AED portion of the class can be performed at your own pace. After you complete and pass the online certification or digital certificate, you may have access and continue to the practical live class. It is necessary to complete the online cpr and classes to complete the course, courses, and programs. If you cannot complete the classroom education portion, you may return and complete the class and final exam another time for free within 60 days of the initial date of the class. The CPR Certification and CPR AED Certification allow for a convenient digital download of your certifications, exam results, and instructor notes. The Campaign Pay it Forward offers numerous courses that can be found by date and on the Find a Class webpage. Offering education programs and course materials to students in numerous skills can certify you for free or a nominal purchase depending on the program.


In addition to CPR Certification, the purchase and completion of the CPR AED course and final exam also includes the proper use of an AED/ Automated External Defibrillator. Additional course material and certification are available in child and infant CPR AED training. The American Heart Association and other national organizations provide guidelines that separate the CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator AED used for an Adult, Children, and Infants. This will be explained further and in detail during your training course and CPR AED education. Additional American Heart Association guidelines are available online, in print, and digital formats.

Passing the CPR class in Commack Suffolk County New York

After completing our CPR AED training in Commack Suffolk County New York and receiving your certificate, you may wish to further your education with Campaign Pay it Forward by taking additional courses and classes, increasing your skills, receiving advanced certification training, and even pursuing becoming an instructor. As an instructor, you can access the latest course material and our instructor portal online, which provides up-to-date information, training techniques, and emergency procedures. As an instructor, your ability to save a life is extended through the students you train.

Our course and certification are recognized and valid throughout the world. Being certified by our training course is for both regular people and for those where a job requires a CPR AED training certification. In addition to the AED CPR training class, First Aid is recommended and often taken before the CPR AED classes or courses. Campaign Pay it Forward also offers training in first aid. The First Aid Certification works with the knowledge and training from the CPR AED to be prepared and potentially save a life. Like blended learning and online CPR AED, the First Aid component also requires an online prerequisite. An education in First Aid CPR AED for an Adult, Child, and Infant is the cornerstone world-class skill set to save a life.


Unique accommodations are made for online and practical exam administration for people with special requirements. We understand that online and exam issues are common, and Campaign Pay it Forward takes them into account, and students can contact us for any issue in confidence. All contact with Campaign Pay it Forward and information conveyed is confidential.

Campaign Pay it Forward provides numerous classes at nominal fees to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in providing care in an emergency. Campaign Pay it Forward additionally provides courses in Stop the Bleed, Scouting,First Aid, Basic Life Support, TACMED, Lifeguard Training, Babysitting, Water safety, ServSafe, Wilderness First Aid and Instructor Courses such as ACLS, PALS, CPR, Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support.

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