Stop The Bleed

Stop the Bleed is a 2 hour course provided by Campaign Pay it Forward and no charge. This life saving class addresses the most common injury of bleeding.

The Campaign Pay it Forward offers this CLASS IN BLEEDING CONTROL for emergency situations and minor accidents. This most common injury should be part of EVERYONE’S knowledge base. Campaign Pay it Forward is proud to offer this 2 hour class at NO CHARGE as our contribution to the national awareness campaign and bleed initiative to stop the bleed.

There are numerous steps in assisting and injured party prior to applying pressure. This website/webpage should not be used in lieu of taking our course or used in part or parcel towards aiding a victim. For example, If you cannot confirm that the scene and environment surrounding the injured party is safe you should not approach and put yourself in harms way and steps should be taken to secure the scene by professionals. At no time should a non-professional person put themselves in harms way. The Stop the Bleed course will prepare you to respond with the appropriate emergency medical response.


Throughout ones life, you will encounter observing over 1000 major accidents. Out of the 1000 major accidents you may encounter a handful of them may occur where you might have the potential to be the first on the scene. General classes in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding can make the difference in saving another human and yourself. That’s right, more often than not, you may injure your self if you are not properly trained. Stop the Bleed is an abbreviated class dealing with the most common injury, bleeding. Stop the Bleed Campaign addresses serious bleeding / life threatening injuries and minor blood loss injuries. This is a National Association and adheres to the methods and techniques of registered trademark industry leaders such as Professional Emergency Responders, American College of Surgeons (ACS COT), American College of Pediatrics, Hartford Consensus, and the White House initiatives to cultivate grassroots efforts to encourage bystanders to receive training how to properly react in an emergency and get involved.

The most minimal training from our Pay it Forward Campaign’s instructors can save another human. Prior to professional help arriving during a bleeding emergency death can occur within five minutes. Clearly, emergency medical technicians can not arrive within five minutes which often leaves bystander / civilians as the immediate responders. Stop the Bleed training in minor injuries, major injuries, serious bleeding, bleed find, bleed stop (stop the bleed), blood loss, shock, contacting EMS/911, are imperative parts of responding to a trauma and emergency situation by a non-professional person. Our staff of registered instructors will prepare a regular person for getting involved in an emergency or trauma situation. Professional Emergency Responders and associations like the American College of Surgeons provide information in bleeding control during a bleeding emergency and this information can save lives. Stop the Bleed course material adheres to all national standards and the recommendations of the finest national associations.


In October 2015, the White House launched its Stop the Bleed campaign–a special national initiative designed to provide bystanders with the tools and knowledge to stop life threatening bleeding. The stop the bleed campaign includes methods in accordance to the Northwestern Medicine Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders, located on Saint Clair Street Chicago, that has done the most extensive research on this matter. Stop the Bleed and our instructors review methods that do not require bleed kits to save a life. Most trauma and emergency situations including bleeding, will occur when you are not carrying a first aid kit or bleed kits. Stop the Bleed provides the most essential points and procedures on this matter of bleeding (minor bleed, major bleed, blood loss and life threatening injuries). Campaign Pay it Forward provides numerous classes at nominal fees to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in providing care in an emergency. Campaign Pay it Forward additionally provides courses in Stop the Bleed, Scouting, CPR AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, TACMED, Lifeguard Training, Babysitting, Water safety, ServSafe, Wilderness First Aid and Instructor Courses such as ACLS, PALS, CPR, Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support.

Stop The Bleed

Stop the Bleed training is a free 1-2 hour course taught by practicing EMS personnel that teaches basic life-saving medical interventions and methods to control bleeding. We use a combination of lecture and hands-on practice training to allow you to gain and become confident to act in a life or death situation.

This course was developed in response to the call from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Hartford Consensus to improve survival during active shooter and other mass casualty events.

first aid training

In these circumstances, survival begins with bystanders. You will learn about scene safety, different types of bleeding, how to apply pressure, and using a tourniquet.

Bleeding injury can happen anywhere at any time. In the news we see it happen too often or in everyday life. Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in the workplace, vehicles, bombing, home, outdoors, etc. Instead of being a witness, you can become an immediate responder because you know how to Stop The Bleed.

By learning how to Stop The Bleed you can better be prepared to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene before EMS personnel arrive. You can be the difference between life or death by engaging in a medical emergency.


Campaign Pay It Forward believes strongly that emergency preparedness and intervention is critical to saving lives. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to be trained in these skills has the opportunity to learn, whether they are required for work or simply want to be ready to help.

We set aside 10% of our profits on every course to fund a need-based scholarship that allows us to offer a free course to one participant in every course. To apply for our scholarship, go here.

Campaign Pay It Forward also offers free Stop the Bleed courses as well as free courses to search and rescue groups. To learn more about free courses, contact us today.

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