Our History

Being in the EMS industry we’ve responded to several hundred calls a year. What started out as an initiative to prepare bystanders to respond to emergencies, has turned into a full scale company within five years.

The need to empower bystanders to respond before EMS arrive is imperative. We have seen first hand what happens when bystanders respond before we arrive at the scene, saving hundreds of lives each year.

Bystander intervention DOES matter. EMS are there to recover a body if no bystander action is taken for choking, massive bleeding, heart attack, anaphylactic shock. It is bystanders that make the difference between life or death sometimes. Campaign Pay It Forward thrives by empowering people to take action. We do not want to merely provide a cut and dry program, but rather we pride ourselves on creating a dynamic and hands on approach to dealing with emergencies.


We have a vast array  of employees from medics, corpsman, EMT, incident command members, government employees from all walks of life. Our goal is to give you a diverse program that meets your needs.

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