A class in PALS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support is a 4 hour course for doctors, nurses and paramedics provided by Campaign Pay it Forward.

The Campaign Pay it Forward offers this class in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, PALS, for emergency situations, cardiovascular emergencies, cardiopulmonary arrest, other cardiovascular emergencies and primarily for healthcare professionals. This crucial skill should be part of all nurses and physicians knowledge base and should continue to get re-certified in PALS every two years. This PALS course requires an online portion of 1 hour, prior to attending the in-person program for 3 hours. The online PALS certification training program is part of the prerequisite blended learning.

The blended learning material includes basic first aid, CPR AED, and BLS course material. PALS follows the clinical guidelines for the emergency care and treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions that can cause cardiac arrest for pediatric patients in the hospital or pre hospital. This PALS course uses and reviews using advanced medical procedures, medications, and techniques. PALS is an advanced course that includes Basic Life Support skills as taught in the BLS, Basic Life Support continuing medical education program as it pertains to pediatric care for families. This PALS course and recertification is recommended for physicians, nurses, paramedics and those required to take pharmacy education programs.

There are numerous steps in assisting an injured party and even approaching a person or the scene of an emergency. This website/ webpage should not be used in lieu of taking our course or used in part or parcel towards aiding a victim. For example, If you cannot confirm that the scene and environment surrounding the injured party is safe you should not approach and put yourself in harms way and steps should be taken to secure the scene by professionals. At no time should a non-professional person put themselves in harms way. The PALS, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support course will prepare you to respond with the appropriate emergency medical response and treatment.


Participants are part of the medical and science community and therefore personalized hours, test taking and accommodations for hours and schedule are factored in. Because you are a working professional we will allow running at your own pace and complete the course over multiple courses and exam taking. If a participant needs to start with one course class in PALS and must conclude their program during another course or courses we will accommodate the situation. Many courses are offered through the American Heart Association, Postgraduate institute offerings and other training center foundation locations. During the PALS class we are running a continuous assessment to confirm high performance team dynamics. The American Heart Association and other national foundation guidelines recognize and require team dynamics during the practical testing of the PALS class attendees. Practical assessments must be completed in- person at the training center and online. Performance of skills require direct contact and those that attend our class will not only learn the materials, but simulate providing care.

The Campaign Pay it Forward mission to offer courses for laymen and professions to learn and understand the science and skills will let them gain the confidence needed to perform in a high pressure place.

Completing Assessments

A PALS attendee assess the scenario presented to them, considers the options and makes the choice as to which treatment should be performed. The simulated patient will receive the PALS recommended treatment as part of the class management and mission. Pediatric patients are exposed to allergies and requires one to find the proper diagnoses with limited information based on their PALS learned skills. One must find and ask parents in many cases where the parent (wife / husband) may provide conflicting information and materials. Completing a patient history and immediate information surrounding the event is not easily uncovered in an infant patient. Parents rights, as well as the infants, must be preserved and legal issues will be discussed in PALS class. Allergies related to pets like cats and dogs may be overlooked along with food allergies. Pets like cats and dogs should be explored. Consideration if a pet has been with the family for years or did the dog or cat recently join the family. The passing of bacteria or simple pet dander is not beyond man’s best friend to convey. The love of a pet or friend may not override the medical considerations of the environment. In addition, a pediatric patient must receive proper care and have the opportunity for a healthy and safe environment. Concepts like pediatric shock where the difference in symptoms from adults to infants must be recognized and are taught in this PALS class.

College of Pediatric Critical Care

The performance of skills relating to resuscitation and BLS for a simulated cardiac arrest must be completed and reinforced, as per the American Heart Association programs and other National standards. The College of Pediatric Critical Care is an organization that has set standards and passed them along to all PALS programs to be put in place for critical care and service. Those that complete the PAL programs join an elite group of medical professionals that learn the options, treatment and are ready to perform with confidence. Our organization provides PALS programs for pediatric care. One may look online, read and find reviews that suggest the difference in our PALS class is significant and positive. Find and attend our Campaign Pay it Forward PALS class that will make you ready for quick and easy completion of your certification or recertification.

The performance of skills relating to resuscitation and PALS for a simulated cardiac arrest must be completed and reinforced and using the latest approved techniques.

Campaign Pay it Forward provides numerous classes at nominal fees to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in providing care in an emergency. Campaign Pay it Forward additionally provides courses in Stop the Bleed, Scouting, CPR AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, TACMED, Lifeguard Training, Babysitting, Water safety, ServSafe, Wilderness First Aid and Instructor Courses such as ACLS, PALS, CPR, Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support.

Basic Life Support
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