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Individual Medical Class Scholarship – Up to $400 (Year Round)

Criteria:Unable to afford a medical class due to personal circumstances. This can be for a class not related to us from a different business. We can only offer one scholarship for each of the classes Campaign Pay It Forward teaches because our prices are so low already and we are charged a certification rate by our authorize providers.

Essay Question: How are you going to use the lifesaving knowledge to better the community?


Academic Scholarships

  • Open period January 1, 2018 to March 30, 2018. Announcement will be made May 15, 2018
  • Essay questions are listed below under each scholarships. Minimum of two pages for essays.
  • Scholarship money will be given to schools with recipients name on it. Money will be NOT be given to recipients. Scholarship recipient will also receive free First Aid/CPR/AED class.

Cpl Binh Le – $1000

Criteria: Senior in high school who immigrated to the United States from a different country and is joining any of the armed forces or military school in the United States.

Essay Question: As a immigrant of another country, why are you choosing to serve in the United States military?

Military Youth – $1,000

Criteria: Be part of any military youth organization like Sea Cadets, Civil Air Patrol, Young marines, JROTC, AFJRTOC, MJROTC seeking to go into the military or college.

Essay Question: How has the military youth organization motivated you to better the community?

Pararescue – $1,000

Criteria: Senior in high school or college student who are applying for a medical degree or going into a medical MOS/AFSC. Also includes medical certification classes such as EMR to Paramedic or TCCC.

Essay Question: What does “So other may live” mean to you? How would you apply the motto to your everyday life?

Eagle Scout – $1,000

Criteria: Current Eagle Scouts seeking any college degree.

Essay Question: How are you going to use your Eagle Scout knowledge to better the community?

America Fitness – $500

Criteria: Senior in high school or college seeking any health & fitness related degrees.

Essay Question: How are you going to pioneer the effort for fitness in America?


Donation raised

$ 45.00 (5%) of $1000 raised

Applicants must:

  1.   Have GPA of 2.8 or above.
  2.   Describe financial need.
  3.   Complete application form and 2 page essay or more.
  4.   Document community service activities.
  5.   Attach completed resume.



 Please email application and essay to 


Important tips:

 Applications are reviewed and evaluated in various categories/ areas – on a weighted average (points awarded in each category).  Failure to complete any portion of the application greatly reduces your chance of being awarded a scholarship. For example, failure to list community service will lower overall points – possibly enough to eliminate you from competition. Examples of categories are:  

 Application (complete/neat)    –    Scholastic Achievement, SAT/ACT    –    Financial Need

Community  Service    –    Academic Goals    –    Future Plans    –    Essay

Results will be e-mailed to applicants.



ACT and/or SAT score

Education Plans

Activities / Awards





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