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Campaign Pay It Forward offers the First Aid merit badge, an Eagle-required merit badge! Your troop/unit must sign up for class or you can come to a preregistered class. We do not assign classes specifically for this merit badge. All instructors teaching First Aid merit badge have taken the BSA youth protection training and are active members in BSA. Campaign Pay It Forward instructors for First Aid merit badge are not limited to just National Capital Area Council, we can teach in different councils as well. Have peace of mind that our instructors are up-to-date and are practicing what they preach in the medical field. Participants will walk away with some cool first aid gear as well as knowledge that could save a life!

Scouts can nearly complete the entire First Aid Merit Badge in just one day! Scouts should have all first aid requirements already completed for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks in order to participate. Scouts should also come prepared with a first aid kit for your home (display and discuss its contents with your counselor). The only requirement not able to be completed in class, is requirement #7; teach a scout a first aid skill learned in class, of your counselors choosing. This requirement is typically to be done after class, and to a younger or new scout. We encourage scouts to tell other scouts what they have learned through peer to peer teaching

This course is typically scheduled on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) from 9 am – 5 pm with a one-hour break for lunch from 12pm-1pm. Lunch is NOT provided. Parents are encouraged to stay with the scout to learn about lifesaving knowledge that everyone should know!

Course Information


$10 per Scout (all materials are provided)
Your unit or troop must pre-register. NO REFUNDS.

$40 for a certification and a meritbadge!


8 hours (9 am-5 pm) with a 1-hour lunch break from 12:30pm-1:30pm.
Lunch is NOT provided.


  Participants must have already completed all first aid requirements for TenderfootSecond Class, and First Class rank.

  Prepare a first aid kit for your home. Bring it with you to class to show and discuss its contents with medical instructors.

  To help Scouts track their work, we recommend downloading our First Aid Merit Badge Workbook (Adobe PDF).


  First Aid Merit Badge Workbook