Scouting is a 4 hour course provided by Campaign Pay it Forward addressing survival skills for finding food, shelter and navigating in the wilderness.

The Campaign Pay it Forward offers this basic Scouting Class dealing with basic and introductory topics for venturing and exploring in a safe scouting program environment. This scouting program is a preliminary introduction to being a cub scout, boy scout, eagle scout, stem scouts and advanced programs offered through the Boy Scouts of America BSA. Becoming the very best future selves as a motto for young people, youth members seeking a membership and certification in cub scouting, girl scouts, boy scouts, scouts BSA and scout law can start with basic knowledge from this introductory course. From Cub Scouts, to Sea Scouting through Eagle Scouts, each scout association is proud to offer leadership skills and basic wilderness venturing programs to prepare young people. Young adults will build physically strong skills, discover moral choices and develop self esteem.


Mental Challenges for Girls and Boys

Girls, boys and young adults at certain ages from fifth grade and varying through elementary school challenges them with ethical and moral choices as they become not only physically aware but mentally awake. Team building for young women and boys are an important part of their education mental awareness and maturity comes with experience, role model leaders and kids participating in their own activities. Examples of general hiking, philmont scout ranch, summer camp(s), scouting programs and a scouts bsa program are strong reinforcing tools alongside a class in basic scouting. Scouts learn wilderness survival, camping, fishing, photography and science adhering to national scouting programs and specific organization(s) like the BSA Boy Scouts of America and youth protection training. Youth protection training for cub scouts, boy scouts, sea scouting, stem scouts, along with young women seeking the same, guide them to be morally straight and follow leadership examples that parents desire and seek out for their kids’ development.

Making a Scouting training program fun is an important element when working with kids. The Boy Scouts of America along with the other scouting programs similar to the scouts BSA program provide excellent regimental leadership programs and knowledge for the purpose of molding young boys and girls in America. To develop boys and girls into the very best future selves a good scouting program makes learning fun and easy. Developing ideas associated with words like honor, loyal, duty is required for great leaders. The wilderness environment is an ideal place for young people to learn as students and volunteers, the meaning of these words. A scouting program needs to support the moral character and knowledge that parents wish to instill upon their kids .

An Adventure in Scouting

A scouting program is a safer environment for kids to develop their skills in hiking, reconnaissance, scouting, camping, fishing, trapping and building shelter. Camping is more than just kids making graham cracker cookies with chocolate marshmallows. Developing leadership and survival skills during an adventure allows for natural youth training and youth protection training. Boy Scouts of America, Stem Scouts and Sea Scouting are all part of the progression of scouting. Scout law and the scout oath protects both people and the environment. A National America Organization such as the Boy Scouts of America BSA or Stem Scouts offer the highest levels of training and certifications.

This introductory course for youth protection training pertaining to scouting endorses the same scout oath and principals set by the Boy Scouts of America BSA. Regardless of age, the Introductory Scouting class encompasses training from Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts BSA training. The Boy Scouts of America / Scouts BSA set the standards for each level and skills badges earned by the youth. Being a boy scout and achieving badges from wood badge through eagle scout and specialty badges support youth development. If a parent does not know how to introduce the ideals of a national boy scout to their youth, this program in basic scouting is ideal. National organizations that support words of morals that are fun and exciting correlate to leadership character development and career opportunities.

A scouting program will support career opportunities with character building and networking. Additional wilderness skills can be developed during camping and hiking as part of the scouting program. An adventure in camping can be a one day trip or a week a long program as examples. Another venturing scouting program includes volunteering. Volunteers and charity work is another badge / accomplishment set forth by the scouting code. One may contact Campaign Pay it Forward to promote such skills and morales in todays youth. After taking a basic introductory class in scouting one can seek out an organization similar to the BSA and join such international or specific to your country and be part of a local city chapter. Nearly every city offers an organization for youth development and the opportunity for a youth to join a scouting program.

A camping adventure is a great example where a young man or woman can learn basic venturing skills like fishing, pitching a tent and even starting/extinguishing a safe fire. Scout volunteers and professionals are often ex-military, trained survivalists and naturalists that have real life experience in addition to BSA and serving their country. An introduction to scouting methods are examples of essential and simple basic information that each person young and old should have. Examples of hiking and navigation when venturing into the wilderness is essential. Newspapers and media often present people that were lost in the wilderness for of a week at a time and their survival relied on their general scouting knowledge.

Campaign Pay it Forward provides numerous classes at nominal fees to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in providing care in an emergency. Campaign Pay it Forward additionally provides courses in Stop the Bleed, Scouting, CPR AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, TACMED, Lifeguard Training, Babysitting, Water safety, ServSafe, Wilderness First Aid and Instructor Courses such as ACLS, PALS, CPR, Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support.

Active Scouts

Campaign Pay It Forward provides courses that are incredibly important for your next scouting adventure.

We offer a wide variety of courses from First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, merit badges for boys and girls scouts. All of our courses are taught by current registered active scout leaders and in the EMS field. Each certificate comes with a unique QR code from American Red Cross, American Heart Association or Emergency Care Safety Insititute.


At Campaign Pay It Forward we believe that scouting is an excellent opportunity for young people, and we support our beliefs by offering scholarships to scouts and leaders who demonstrate financial need. We will NEVER turn down a scout or scout leader due to financial need for First Aid merit badge, Wilderness First Aid, lifeguarding, and stop the bleed.

We also offer the use of our medical equipment for troop meetings, events, jamborees, Pow Wows free of charge.

Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed is a free course taught by practicing EMS personnel that teaches basic life-saving medical interventions and methods to control bleeding.

This course was developed in response to the call from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Hartford Consensus to improve survival during active shooter and other mass casualty events.

In these circumstances, survival begins with bystanders. You will learn about scene safety, different types of bleeding, how to apply pressure, and using a tourniquet.


Campaign Pay It Forward believes strongly that emergency preparedness and intervention is critical to saving lives. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to be trained in these skills has the opportunity to learn, whether they are required for work or simply want to be ready to help.

We set aside 10% of our profits on every course to fund a need-based scholarship that allows us to offer a free course to one participant in every course. To apply for our scholarship, go here.

Campaign Pay It Forward also offers free Stop the Bleed courses as well as free courses to search and rescue groups. To learn more about free courses, contact us today.

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